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 neighbouring species. neighbouring species.
 +=== DIAS, Julia de Freitas === 
 +**Survey of Seedling Production of Restinga Species in Nurseries State of São Paulo: Implications for ecological restoration**
 +**Resumo:** To be viable to carry out restoration projects following the scientific statements and
 +legislation is essential that there is availability of seedlings in nurseries with high species and
 +genetic diversity. In order to evaluate the current availability of seedlings, production capacity
 +and the main constraints to the production of a high diversity of restinga (white sand coastal
 +vegetation) species, a study was conducted with nurseries producing seedlings of restinga
 +species in the state of São Paulo. In total, 122 nurseries and 41 counties were contacted,
 +resulting in only six nurseries producing seedlings from areas of restinga. The definition of
 +the profile of resting seedlings production in these six nurseries was done through
 +questionnaires technical and administrative. Among the main results of this survey, we can
 +highlight the small number of seedlings of restinga species produced by the north coast
 +nurseries, the difficulties in obtaining seeds mainly related to the process of seed collection,
 +the disarticulation of the sectors involved in the production of seedlings of restinga species,
 +the tiny share of the municipalities in seedling production and the perception of the producers
 +of changes in the fruit phenology of the restinga species in their collection areas. This study
 +highlights the current shortage of seedling of restinga species and should be useful as a tool to
 +reveal the nurseries working in this ecosystem, and to improve the contact between them and
 +the restoration planning groups.
 === PEREIRA, Thiago === === PEREIRA, Thiago ===
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