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Linha 355: Linha 355:
 a secondary role by determining local differences in the phylogenetic structure of a secondary role by determining local differences in the phylogenetic structure of
 neighbouring species. neighbouring species.
 +=== MORETTO, Felipe Alexandre === 
 +**Natural regeneration and seedling diversity in a coastal plain transition ecosystem - hillside**
 +**Abstract:​** The seedling community of coastal plains of Caraguatatuba county was studied in a
 +fragment of 50 acres of Forest Transition Restinga - Hill. The study area has been
 +described by means of 40 sets of three plots of 1m x1m totaling an area of 120m2,
 +with 23 sets were flooded condition and 17 in non-flooded conditions (drought). We
 +obtained canopy opening with the help of Densiometer. In total 507 seedlings were
 +identified, representing an average of 4.23 seedlings per m2. It was possible to
 +observe a high richness, with 82 different species. The most abundant species were
 +//​Calypthrantes sp// (107), //Myrta sp1// (82) and //Annona cf reticulata cf// (19). The family
 +Myrtaceae showed the highest species richness, totaling 18 species. The flooded
 +plots had on average 9.99 seedlings per 3m 2 and droughts 15.69 per 3m 2. The
 +average number of species in the wetlands was 3.69 species per 3m 2 and in the dry
 +plots was 6.11 seedlings per 3m 2. The predictions of this study were that the
 +wetlands should contain fewer species and lower species richness compared to
 +areas not flooded. For canopy opening was expected that more open areas possess
 +greater number of seedlings and greater species richness. However after
 +randomization of data was not possible to observe that wetlands had less wealth and
 +fewer species (p = .33). Increasing the percentage of canopy openness did not
 +significantly affect the number of seedlings (p = 0.23) or species richness (p = .44).
 +Thus, the results indicate that environmental variables are not sufficient to explain the
 +observed variation in abundance and species richness of seedlings in this
 +ecosystem. However other factors may be limiting for seedling establishment. Among
 +the possible factors, the human disturbance area for removal of palm (Euterpe
 +edulis), the large number of paths traced in the region (trampling seedlings) and
 +competition from herbaceous plants deserve more detailed studies in the future.
 === DIAS, Julia de Freitas ===  === DIAS, Julia de Freitas === 
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